Any, even seemingly insignificant to an untrained eye mistake, in a long thread of activities in construction can create big problems such as, delays in program, cost overruns or problems with quality, which eventually will lower the overall value of the project and certainly will drag the clients to the expenses not anticipated before, not to mention additional efforts to solve the issues which might not be even present. That is why proper management is crucial for avoidance of these problems. Having experience in extensive and diverse portfolio with a total construction value in excess of $5 billion, we have successfully managed all phases of the construction process, from concept through completion.

Program/Portfolio Management

We are providing program and portfolio management services in order to keep your multiple and interrelated (program) or non-interrelated (portfolio) projects within budget, on-time and in tune with each other, for the benefit of keeping their capital programs within margins of reasonable and well-anticipated risk.

Project Management

We offer full spectrum of project management services for our clients assuring timely delivery of the project within budget and as per set quality goals. We are experienced in the industry, have an extensive knowledge and deeply familiar with the pitfalls of the craft and also have very good cultural awareness for a wide range of countries which gives us unique advantage in reaching the desired results.

Project Management Oversight

Having multi-million projects successfully completed under close oversight of our staff we offer our knowledge and experience for managing construction management, contractors, designers and liaison with various high-rank stakeholder and authorities. Our experience with major globally known actors will be prudently utilized for correct and timely decisions for the key issues in the overall process in order to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

Contract Management

Our staff has an extensive knowledge and experience in contract management having performed this service for numerous projects with Lump Sum, Unit Price, Cost Plus Fixed Fee and Cost Plus with Maximum Guaranteed Price in various forms of contract management and dealt with globally used forms of contract such as FIDC White, Red and Yellow, CMAA for Construction and Procurement only as well as Design&Built. The types of funding, such as private, government and international (EBRD, IFC, International Banks, etc.) and great magnitude of sums allowed for budgeting which is over 5 billion in total gives an extra edge to our company which allows us to take care of you pre and post contract actions, to minimize the risks of non-anticipated claims and change order processes. Our seasoned legal experts will keep your position strong in any disputes and legislation, which might occur in risky construction business.

Cost Management

We are offering the Cost Management services, as it is very important process for controlling the budget of your projects, programs and portfolio. In order to prevent budget overruns and to make correct strategic decisions it is essential to run cost controls tools during all phases, through planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing, and controlling. Our staff experienced in handling big budget projects in Cost Plus Fee procurement models will provide all these services with extreme care ensuring that the project can be completed within the approved budget.

Schedule Management

One of the main objectives in the construction business is a timely completion. Any deviation from planned schedule will bring additional expenses or less quality if the works will be forced to be completed in shorter than planned timeframes. That is why constant schedule (programme) control is vital for the success of the project and our experienced staff can provide the Schedule Management services for your projects keeping you well informed and ready for the strategic decision-making. Another aspect of the schedule management is the timely and correct record of the delays within interlocking scheduled activities, which eventually forms claim requests and problems with timely delivery, for which it is wise to be well prepared or better take corrective action before the bigger damages and disruptions occur.

Procurement & Tender Management

Correct strategy for project procurement followed by a tender process in lines with good practice is the first and most important step to the success of the project. Our staff highly experienced in various tenders from government based to international bids (as per FIDIC and CMAA rules) will keep you fully complied, well informed and definitely will minimize the risks involved with making decisions forming the entire project delivery process as well as covering full area of the services which you, as a Client or a Contractor, willing to buy or provide within previously budgeted sums. It is very important to keep these first steps in risky path of project delivery for keeping you distant from problems, which will certainly occur and will be hard to fix if the overall procurement and tender process is not governed correctly.

Design Management

Defining the scope and making sure that the projects documents and processes cover it is very important matter. From the inception until the delivery the factors within and outside of the project will force the Client to modify, reduce or increase the design. Even though that the changes are sometimes inevitable and actually are a natural phenomenon for every project, Client needs to keep a strong grip on the major matters of the design. Our professionals will keep your main objectives in design fully covered in the desired quality, managing it during the full project duration in order to keep it within budgeted sums and in the quality level acceptable by the Client, making the change process well-assessed.

Risk Management

We are providing risk management services through detailed identification, analysis and timely response processes keeping the overall negative impacts at minimum. We also think of the risks not only as negative threats but also from positive benefits point of view, which encourages us to increase profits and values of the deliverables through thorough planning and mindset for utilization of all opportunities.

Construction Management

Our construction management team has great practical knowledge, which is acquired through extensive experience in wide array of construction, from infrastructure, water projects and buildings. Not only based on theoretical basis but also dealt with a lot of leading contractors and sub-contractors, knowing the pitfalls of risky construction environment as well as statutory requirements, our experts are seasoned in different types of construction set-ups such as Fast Track and Design&Built. Our diligent Construction Management staff will ensure reaching your projects’ goals in scope, budget and time.

Site Supervision

We offer Site Supervision Services with confidence of being successfully accomplished those for various big-scale projects in different construction markets under different building regulations (SNiP/GOST, EN and IBC) in different country and social environments. Our team includes professionals from various disciplines and always in line with recent improvements in this sector in QA/QC, construction materials, cutting edge techniques and updates in regulations, ensuring correct and prudent record keeping of all supervision activities in the quality set forth by the construction documents and good practices.

Claim Consultancy

Claims as the changes are inevitable to any project and could be considered as natural phenomenon of the projects. The only way to deal with them is to be ready, make relevant assumptions and necessary action to minimize their impact through strategy planning. The other aspect in claim review process is detailed investigation of various disciplines such as WBS, contracts, BOQ’s, programme, payment applications, cashflow, standards and requirements, QA/QC documentation, inspections, correspondence, reports and many more. The whole picture regarding any claim could be established only when all necessary data is analyzed by the experts. We are offering combined and interlocked expertise and vast experience of our professional staff, as seasoned in multiple big-scale projects, dealt with mitigations, arbitrations, claims and counter-claims in various fields and disciplines for easy solution of your claims management process.

Cost and Damages Assessment

ACT is providing cost and damages assessment services through performance audit and evaluation of separate claim analysis, double-checked by the independent estimation of costs claimed to be incurred. The entitlement of the evaluation will be also reviewed against relevant contract conditions, mitigation efforts in due course and other action to be performed during the disputed period.

Delay and Disruption Analysis

The delay, disruption and acceleration claims are now common for almost all projects and we are providing analysis services for settling disputes in most efficient way possible. Any delays or disruption, caused by any party or by any other reason, will create issues within projects programme, which might be corrected only by additional expenses (acceleration costs) or will create cost overruns due to the delayed project completion. This needs a detailed analysis, which will be diligently provided by our experts in this field.

Real Estate and Development Consultancy

We are providing real estate and development consultancy for maximizing your assets value by rising overall reputation in the marketplace and increasing benefits of its physical space. Our experienced staff will work with you in business mind set-up for achieving aimed goals and maximizing your profit.

Sports and Events Consultancy

We are experienced in managing international events and dealing with multiple stakeholders both governmental and private, such as organizing committees, global sports authorities (IAAF, FIFA, UEFA, etc.), leading show and event gurus, transportation and security agencies, sponsors and tenants. Our experts will guide you through the pre and post event phases keeping event overlays as effective as possible.